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Net Worth is an Indicator of Financial Health: Companies and People

Net worth and financial success is something that is not always visual.

Consistent growth in net worth is an indicator of positive financial health, but when liabilities grow faster than assets, or the value of assets drop, the result is negative net worth. Net worth calculate by subtracting liabilities (owed debt) from assets owned. Net worth is estimated for both individuals and companies and is an accurate determination of how much something (or someone) is worth. Net worth can fluctuate based on assets decreasing or increasing in value, or acquiring more or paying off debt. 


What Does an Inverted Yield Curve Mean to Investors?

An inverted yield curve for U.S. Treasury bonds is the most consistent indicator of a recession and signals to investors a recessionary period is approaching or is already underway.


Due to the duration risk of holding assets over time, a normal yield curve shows that bonds with a longer maturity have a higher yield and pay more interest than short-term bonds. Investors usually demand higher rates of return if their money is invested for a more extended period.


The Human Side of Wealth Management

An advisor’s advanced skills determine how to best manage the client’s wealth through human attributes outside of technology.

The financial services industry has classified “advice” as financial planning, not investment advice (the selection of investments), which is just one part of wealth management. If Robo-advisors have done nothing else, they have revealed that much of the investment advice in selecting investments can be automated. With technology doing much of the work as it relates to the investment selection part of the equation, investors need to think more broadly about their financial planning.


529 Savings Plans: For Education Expenses and Estate Planning?

529 plans are becoming popular in estate planning thanks to the 2017 Tax Reform Act.

A 529 plan is a state-sponsored tax-advantaged plan designed for saving for future education expenses that are authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. If used for education, the assets grow tax-free. Since 529 plans came into existence in 1996, they have grown to $328 billion in 31.1 million accounts according to Strategic Insight.



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